Awards are given out on-site, at the conclusion of the event to those racers who place.

You MUST be present to receive your award. No awards will be mailed.

Finisher medals will be given to only those racers who complete the event.

the rules
WOO WHO race management reserves the right to change or alter the course at any time for logistical, weather or safety reasons.  WOO WHO race management also reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event in the event of an act of war or Mother Nature.

NO portable media devices (including iPods). Violators will be removed from the racecourse and disqualified from the event.

NO outside assistance is permitted during the event.

NO littering on the course.

Obstacles must be completed correctly in order to continue to the next leg of the course.

Racers should take time to familiarize yourself with the race route before stepping onto the course.

Running through Tires: Runner must not skip tires when progressing forward.

Walls: Each runner must attempt to clear the 6' wall before accepting help from a volunteer.

All racers must wear the appropriate race tag on the front of their person, at all times. Race numbers must be clearly visible at all times.  If running without a shirt, tag must be presented on the front of the racer’s shorts.

General Rules
Racers have the right to receive basic first-aid and continue the race without being disqualified from the event. Medical personnel have final say as to whether or not a racer is fit to continue the race.
Racers will receive a timing chip at packet pickup. Please follow the directions included in your race packets.

Racers will be staged approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the race. Racers need estimate your per mile time and line up in the appropriate area.

The race clock is NET time; it begins when a racer crosses the timing mats at the start and stops when they cross the timing mat at the finish line.