We at WOO WHO Foundation host an urbanobstacle in the city of Cleveland (and coming soon to Columbus!!) to raise money for our non-profit foundation that supports the local breast cancer community. As you may know, one in eight women in the U.S. will develop evasive breast cancer in their lifetime. It is a widespread and random disease, striking women and men of all ages and races. It is the most prevalent cancer in the world today, with about 1.3 million people diagnosed annually. The exact cause of the disease is unknown, and at this time, there is no cure. More significantly, Ohio is 32nd in the nation in breast cancer incidence, but 4th in breast cancer mortality. These numbers are even worse in minority and under-served women.

The WOO WHO urbanobstacle's annual run was on June 7 this year. The urbanobstacle is an urban challenge combined with a 7 mile run through the city of Cleveland where a single racer (or a team of three) will encounter new obstacles about every mile to a mile and a half (options with less mileage are available). These obstacles range from running through tires and crawling under police barricades to trecking the lower level of the Detroit-Superior Bridge and scaling the ramps at Progressive Field. The finish line led directly into a party atmosphere with music and beer at the Barley House on W 6th!

MAY 30, 2015!